Sunday, October 26, 2008


So... as some of you might know im turning 16 in just 6 days!! and to prepare for this momentous occasion, i asked my good friend cole if he would accompany me to this harvest dance thing that is going on just 7 days after my bday. Of course, my posse was NOT about to allow me to just (heaven forbid) ASK cole, so i had to do it all cutsie. Welllll i decided to write a bunch of girls names that cole hangs out with or knows or whatever on some old socks, all in washable marker. Then i wrote my name in permanant marker. i put all like 5 socks in this box with a card that said "it would rock my socks if you went to the dance with me!" (yes, i puked in my mouth at the cheesiness...) and told coley to wash the socks. welll like 4 or 5 days later someone door bell ditched my house and left a big can of dirt, as you can see, on my front porch. i opened it and found 7 little baby booties with the words "you bet your booties i will" written on the bottom of them. you even have to answer them cute! haha so much for yes and no.

but the dating adventures dont stop there! ive got a whole list of them already lined up... LOL watch out im on a roll!

Monday, October 6, 2008

20 things I love about Miranda!

1. I know what she means even though she doesn't say it
2. we can make the worst faces in pictures
3. She loves church
4. She tells you what she thinks and doesn't feel weird about doing it.
5. Shes dedicated
6. Shes dramatic
7. She can stay up allll night
8. She looks just like Eric P. (her dad) when she smiles and crinkles her eyes
9. Shes HOTT
10. She can draw funny pictures
11. Shes not afraid
12. Shes a flirt
13. Shes never boring
14. We'll say the EXACT same things at the EXACT same time
15. She supports you
16. She'll eat 50 otter pops with you
17. Shes picky about what she looks like
18. Her favorite food is toast with eggs on top
19. She doesn't drink caffine
20. Shes going to have a totally hott husband

Jackson Climbing Gym

Jackson Climbing Gym
a sweet boldering problem. a huge dino going on there.