Sunday, October 26, 2008


So... as some of you might know im turning 16 in just 6 days!! and to prepare for this momentous occasion, i asked my good friend cole if he would accompany me to this harvest dance thing that is going on just 7 days after my bday. Of course, my posse was NOT about to allow me to just (heaven forbid) ASK cole, so i had to do it all cutsie. Welllll i decided to write a bunch of girls names that cole hangs out with or knows or whatever on some old socks, all in washable marker. Then i wrote my name in permanant marker. i put all like 5 socks in this box with a card that said "it would rock my socks if you went to the dance with me!" (yes, i puked in my mouth at the cheesiness...) and told coley to wash the socks. welll like 4 or 5 days later someone door bell ditched my house and left a big can of dirt, as you can see, on my front porch. i opened it and found 7 little baby booties with the words "you bet your booties i will" written on the bottom of them. you even have to answer them cute! haha so much for yes and no.

but the dating adventures dont stop there! ive got a whole list of them already lined up... LOL watch out im on a roll!

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The Green Crow said...

Dating adventures?! Your uncle does not like the sound of that!

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