Monday, January 19, 2009


Like everybody i guess, I've had a lot of weird dreams. The earliest dream i can remember having was about that green Mask guy. Remember him? Well i guess i had seen him somewhere and he being this super creeper dude with green skin and a stretchy face, i had this retarded nightmare about him. He had trapped me and my kid brother in the basement and he was trying to get us to come into his cartoon world and join him in villainous deeds. But, of course, me being all noble and crap, didn't want to and pushed this huuge red button which turned the middle of the room into a swirling vortex of terror and sucked the Mask dude back where he came from! It doesn't sound so scary right? but to a like 7 year old chick who isn't fond of stretchy green faces maybe.
Then you have those reoccurring dreams like the one where you fall and fall down the stairs or that one where you try and TRY to pick up that stupid baby but you cant ever grasp it and it slips out of your hands again and again.
Dreams tend to be on emotional steroids. Things are ten times more freaky.
The scariest dreams I can remember having isn't like that. Like when you wake up all clammy and can sleep for the rest of the night and then in the morning you tell everyone about your horrific night and you feel really stupid because it was about dinosaurs chasing you at recces.
What was a horrible nightmare turned out to just be slightly unpleasant.
But this dream. its like different man. I still get creeped because this one. It even had a plot and everything. it was like a short movie. I'm going to try and tell it and get everything across....eeep...

You pan across a Field, and as plane crash comes into view, the date 1993 comes flashes at the bottom of the screen (i hate when movies do that! figure it out yourself! but whatever). You zoom into the plane and you see that it is very on fire and that the passengers are almost all evacuated. You cut so you see the inside of the plane as the seemingly last person climbs out of the plane from amongst the burning wreckage covering her face with her shirt to filter out the smoke.
but then you see the flight attendant running down the isle and you turn to the right and see there is still a man, sitting, facing the window so his face is turned away from you. The flight attendant lady rushes up to him and says Sir! We need to get out! Sir! Sir? And he suddenly jerks toward the flight lady and you cut really fast to a closer shot of the dudes face then closer again and then all of a sudden his hair is all wiggly and he opens his mouth unimaginably wide (just wide enough to be exaggerated but not overly so. just the right amount to give you the general feeling of wrongness) and like little maggot grub dudes swarm out of his mouth and start flooding into his hair and then you realize that his hair is made of the maggots and they squirm and wriggle and writhe and then he lets out this large piercing scream and it zooms into his mouth and blacks out but the scream still echos and reverberates around.
Then you pan up on a school yard. The word 'present' flashes at the bottom of the screen. You see a pale girl swinging on a swing, gently rocking. A couple of other boys run up to her and try to take her swing but she just stares down at the ground. One of the boys tries to shake her outta the swing and now you can see that the girl is so pale because her skin is old film its all grainy and jittery and white. All of a sudden she snaps or something and shoots outta the swing and its just a flash of the degraded film as the same scream heard before lurches through you, penetrating and haunting. Then you cut to the principals office and the girl is sitting all jerkily on the infamous principals office chair, swinging her legs. You can hear adults talking in the background. You creep down the hallway, past the nurses office, and into where the girls mother and the principal are talking. You hear the principal say in hushed, bushiness like tones they needed dental records to identify the body. Dental records. The mother just holds her face in her hands. The principal continues in the same
forced sympathetic manner and goes on about how arrangements have been made and how it may be prudent to stay as far away as possible from the little boys family and the school and possibly the entire state state. Then he asks the girls mother if she knows how the girl did this to someone. It flashes to the play ground, and you see a hard brown crumply thing by the swings and the other little boys running toward the school. You start to zoom in as the girl walks calmly back to the swing and starts to drift in the wind again. Then the crumpled shape on the ground comes into focus and you see its a mangled and charred little boy, every inch of his skin cauterized and burned. You cut back to the girl in the chair and she just sits and continues to stare at the floor, her long black and white fuzzy grainy hair shrouding her face in shadows. She looks up, and one little green maggot crawls outta her mouth and hides itself in her long blurred hair.

See. Told you it was creeped.

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