Monday, January 19, 2009

TOP 20

So i like lists! Especially lists of my favorite musicians. They are always changing, even from day to day, so don't think these lists are set in stone or anything. This is just what i feel like right now.

This is the list of the top 20 rock vocalists.
get ready....

20. Trey Anastaiso
The lead singer for Phish. Simply because he can talk so flippen fast!! Llama. What is that man even saying?? plus he has a interesting quality.

19. Ozzy Osbourne
Yeah yeah. But you gotta admit, early on, Sabbath rocked. He can wail.

18. Jerry Garcia
His acid drenched vocals have interesting texture. And he jams.

17. John Lennon
What a fetching stud. Idk if he necessarily has the range of a lot of singers, but his accent and the raspiness make my gypsy soul smile sooo big every time. I miss john.

16. Neil Young
Whats so good about Neil Young? Hes just the best thats what. CSNY...with those irresistibly tight harmonies, and him blasting out how mad he is about how they cut down the forest to make a piece of crap. Yess.

15. Robert Johnson
Specifically, on the song Stop Breaking Down Blues he hits some pretty high ones. And hes black so that always gives vocals that interesting, earthy tone. Simple and sweet, Robert Johnson is blues stripped right down the soul.

14. John Anderson
He has a interesting quality. Its eery and creeps you. Which is bomb.

13. Frank Zappa
He goes so low! and its so rich and creamy and just flows over you with pounding bass and wailing saxophone (especially on Hot Rats) it just reverberates your nuggets. (whatever those are). Nanook Rubs it epitomises his vocal tendrils that crimple along the tundra, mile after mile....

12. Stevie Windwood
Before he, as lopez so precisely puts it puts it, "fell down the slippery slope of cheese."
He was a blues man, with Traffic and Blind Faith and Spencer Davis Group. He could jam. but sadly.... was lost...

11. Bob Dylan
OMG hes the BEST. I'm kinda sad i didn't put him higher. But, i was trying to keep the list true and keep the best ones for range AND quality. But Mr. Dylan works in about one octave, sadly. But i still love love love him. The nasal inflicted vocals and the way he stresses the wrong syllable and the way he pronounces things. Its like hes taking short cuts. He wins for hottest voice.

10. Grace Slick
The singer for Jefferson Airplane. I'm glad they had the decency to change their name as they started to suck it up. She has kinda a creepy little voice going on. White Rabbit. I like the whole psychedelic feel about her.

9. Gordon Lightfoot
Bomb. So easily recognisable. Trademark. He just reminds me of an Indian warrior. He even has an Indian name! I can totally see him dancing around a fire. Hey-ya-ehy-yahe-oh-eyh-ya-eh!!

8. Jim Morrison
Yeah yeah pompous prance-around-the-stage-with-my-shirt-off pretty boy. But ignore that and just listen to the way the grinds up chords in the deepest part of his throat. Deep, velvety melodies...

7. John Fogherty
He wails. Period. I love his little nasally typish thing hes got going on. Hes got the nitty gritty gravel that he caries with him in many octaves. Starting to get some range here...

6. Rod Stuart
Until he discovered spandex and hair spray, this dude rocked yo! Why oh why did the 80s have t to be so cruel?

5. Freddie Murcury
I know, he had those little outfits too. But hes got the vibrato and the grit and he can sell you some soul man. Not soul like wheat field soul, but hes got some guts behind his vocals. He will rock you. Which is their lamest song i might add.

4. Janis Joplin
I think shes the only woman who has the masculinity to truly pull off rock vocals. Pat Benetar and Heart just... no. She puts her entire being into each song she sings. So much rasp and soul and grit and just dude! she pours her soul into you man. Shes one fine hippie chick doing her thang.

3. Paul McCartney
YESss. Hes got the range and the diversity. He can be polished and clean and clear and beautiful, or he can freaking rip it to you in Oh Darling. Gosh brings you to your knees every time. He can soar so nice and floaty up to those high ones. Genius. British accents are attractive, so very attractive. Bloody Brilliant.

2. Robert Plant
i know. WHAT? but.... he just hasn't held up like he should have and it just isn't the same on live recordings to continue to hold the coveted title of #1. Hes still the man though. He revolutionized and basically invented rock and roll, infusing the blues and all that is good and pure in this world with giant grinding chords constructed by the blessed Jimmy Page. He can snatch those high ones right outta the air and permeate your soul with grit and grime that leave your mind blown all over your face. But that's what happens when you listen to music of this calibre.

1. Burton Cummings
Idk if there is even words. Burt will put it to you. You just...ahhg. the best song like ever, New Mother Nature. American Woman. He starts out... slowly pushing just the right stuff out your speakers, his hippie scat pronouncing around in beautiful sneakily little ways around you re bewildered soul. What is to come next!? Randys little riff and the grunt of all grunts, deep and guttural, and its all let loose. Blam. He fretching wails yo. Feeds your soul! Your back teeth float in the vigor and vim that is folk rock. Woo boy i think i just made a poopies.


NatureGirl said...

Well, dear, you certainly have a way with words. Rock on my rather odd little girl...

The Green Crow, AKA: Cap'n Jack, AKA: Spragoo, DBA: The Mighty Fizz-Bit said...

All in all, a beautiful list. Of course, Uncle would love to argue the finer points with you-- a couple of assertions are... debatable. However, you have made me proud. You are the poster child for early indoctrination. Rock on, ladybird!

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